Students take the reins

Student action around Loyola College has dramatically increased this year. (Photo supplied)

This has been a milestone year for leadership at Loyola College. Student leadership has always been an integral part of the college; however, it was felt there was a lack of student action and voice, so a new role of student leadership co-ordinator was created.

James Falcone has taken up the role of student leadership co-ordinator and works with students who have been appointed to leadership positions across years 7-12.

“On top of their titled role, students in leadership are also assigned a portfolio group to work in for the year,” Mr Falcone says.

“In the portfolio students choose any issue relevant to their portfolio’s mission statement and work together to promote actions of social justice.

“The students totally drive the portfolio while I merely facilitate the meetings. There have been some great successes throughout 2020 despite trying circumstances.

“The Ignatian mission portfolio has run a successful social media campaign educating Loyola’s Instagram community about the persecution of the Rohingya people.

“The sustainability portfolio promoted sustainable tips and tricks while in lockdown, including plating your own fruit and vegetables.

“The social justice portfolio decided to focus on reconciliation week and has pushed to create curriculum change, now having the movie In my Blood it Runs shown to all year 9 students to promote cultural understanding of our nation’s first people.

“Finally, the wellbeing portfolio is looking at canteen reforms, running surveys and petitions to increase canteen nutrition, and is now working on a colour run to raise awareness for mental health.

“Overall, 2020 has been a major success. Student voice and student action around the college have dramatically increased despite remote learning. We all wait for term 4 with eager anticipation as planning commences for 2021.

“It has been a pleasure to work with such capable, hardworking, and dedicated students.”

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