Parade College welcomes female VM students in 2025


Parade College is excited to announce that the college’s VCE Vocational Major (VM) program, based at the Preston Campus, will become co-educational in 2025 and the college will welcome fulltime female student enrolments for the first time in its long history at Year 11.

In addition, the college is expanding its VCE VM offerings at Preston through the introduction of a new Tertiary Pathways Program. The Tertiary Pathways Program will include a second stream of the college’s highly successful Sport Academy, along with a new Business Academy. Both academies will provide a bespoke educational opportunity that will enable male and female students to gain direct entry into a number of undergraduate tertiary courses, including Business and Health Sciences at La Trobe University.

The college’s unique partnership with La Trobe University means that after successful completion of the two-year programs, Parade College Sport Academy and Business Academy graduates will be able to undertake tertiary studies without needing to sit VCE Examinations to obtain an ATAR score.

The Tertiary Pathways Program is ideal for students who:

• Want to pursue a university course;

• May learn best through practical and applied learning;

• Would like to progress to university without the added pressure of undertaking VCE Examinations and attaining an ATAR.

For many years now, Parade College has welcomed female students from other secondary schools to access its many different VET programs at both the Bundoora and Preston campuses. Offering the highly successful VCE Vocational Major program to female students from 2025 at Preston Campus is an extension of this and will provide additional pathways for female students who prefer targeted learning opportunities within the VCE.

Parade College has a proud 153-year history of educating boys and will continue to educate boys in an all-boys’ setting at the Bundoora Campus for Years 7 to 10 and the VCE in Years 11 and 12. The inclusion of fulltime female students from 2025 (subject to VRQA approval) at the Preston Campus will further enrich the college community.

For information and enrolment inquiries regarding our VCE Vocational Major programs, please visit the college’s website