New way of learning for all

Loyola College is delivering lessons in new and innovative ways in Term 2. (Supplied)

Esther Lauaki

New and innovative ways of delivering lessons are being explored at Loyola College as students and teachers embrace distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Loyola College eLearning co-ordinator Dinh Tran says term two has been a learning experience for all.

“Our intention is to enable our students to become resourceful and resilient learners, who are able to independently engage in virtual/remote/online learning,” Mr Tran says.

“We acknowledge that this method of teaching and learning is unprecedented at Loyola and that our staff are working harder than ever before to help their students learn as best as possible in this setting, while providing some normality to the student’s daily routine.

“As this way of teaching has been new for all teachers, there have had to be adjustments made to the way we teach and communicate with students during lesson time.

“Consequently, this has required more preparation time from teachers as they adjust to a new way of delivering curriculum and learning opportunities.”

Loyola College has launched a new courier service that operates each day to deliver physical learning materials to students as required by their teachers.

“Our e-Learning and ICT department has been working hard to support teachers in this transition with additional online resources set up to assist teachers including Microsoft teams, Microsoft Office 365 Suite, Jacaranda digital resources, Mathspace, Education Perfect and Oxford digital resources,” Mr Tran says.

“It has also been great to see our teachers creating their own content via vodcasts and sharing it to their students.

“We have received much positive feedback from families applauding our teachers and the college for their outstanding efforts in transitioning to remote learning in such a short period of time.”

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