Lights, camera, community: movie magic at Heritage Northcote

Heritage Northcote lifestyle coordinator Kate Bywaters with residents; Sue, Marjorie, Thelma and Barbara.

From left to right: Heritage Northcote Lifestyle Coordinator Kate Bywaters with residents; Sue, Marjorie, Thelma and Barbara.

Feeling like a night out at the movies is more hassle than its worth? At Heritage Northcote, residents like Sue, Thelma, Barbara, and Marjorie are proving that catching the latest blockbuster isn’t reserved for the young and restless — it’s simply a Monday leisure activity.

Joined by their lifestyle coordinator, Kate, these movie-loving seniors ventured to the iconic Palace Westgarth for a screening of Olivia Colman’s latest comedy, Wicked Little Letters.

Established in the early 1920s, Westgarth cinema holds a special place in Northcote’s heart; it’s a symbol of the community enduring rich history and vibrant culture.

For Sue, a seasoned local, the cinema evokes fond memories of visiting with her children.

“Living so close to Westgarth cinema means they can still join me for a movie every now and then” she said.

“Sometimes I’ll go with the other residents or just take myself if I really want to see a movie that nobody else does,“ Sue shares, taking advantage of the convenience and flexibility that comes with living at Heritage Northcote.

Alas, Marjorie can’t remember the last time she went to the movies. She’s enjoying all the benefits of a short-term respite care visit while her children are overseas.

“It’s lovely to be able to head to the movies while I’m staying here,” she said.

“The staff are very sweet and there are so many activities I can participate in – I even managed to get my hair done for the


Following the movie, Sue, Thelma, Barbara, and Marjorie returned to the home for afternoon tea and a post-movie debrief. Laughter ensued as they shared anecdotes from their younger days and reflected on the social changes they’ve experienced throughout their lives.

Discussions turned into plans for another outing soon, and Barbara was especially excited to add the German Film Festival offerings to her calendar.

Whether you’re a movie buff or just enjoy the theatre experience and potentially socialising with friends, Palace Westgarth is a great benefit of living at Heritage Northcote. After all, as Sue puts it, “you shouldn’t let age stop you from enjoying the magic of the movies!“