Heritage Epping transforming dementia residents’ lives

Ursula and Linda in the Heritage Epping Memory Support Unit.

Heritage Epping’s Memory Support Unit (MSU) and Laughter Care program are transforming the lives of residents like Ursula, while strengthening their relationships with others.

Ursula, 91, was the first resident at Heritage Epping to move into the MSU when it opened in December last year (having originally entered the home in early 2020). In just a few months she has experienced a marked transformation, with significantly reduced levels of anxiety and a corresponding increase in her sense of calm.

It’s a transformation noted by her daughter Linda, carers, and management alike.

Kate Kaur, clinical care manager at Heritage Epping says “Ursula’s newfound tranquility is really shining through lately, showing the care team a happier community member that is connecting with other residents, staff and loved ones.”

Ursula’s move into the smaller 14-resident MSU community has also helped her to relax with other dementia residents and trust in new forms of care therapy – including the Laughter Care program. Ursula looks forward to the weekly visits of laughter care specialist, Penny, who engages with residents in the program through connection, play, and music.

Julie, the lifestyle coordinator, has been a supportive figure for Ursula within the MSU.

“I’m pleased we’ve been able to break down the walls with Ursula,” Julie said.

‘It’s about fostering a sense of trust and connection, being patient, while helping Ursula adjust and feel comfortable in her new surroundings. We want Ursula to feel safe, valued, and heard.”

Linda fully endorses the MSU model, the Laughter Care program, and the quality of staff at Heritage Epping.

”Mum’s life has been transformed since she came into the MSU,” Linda said. “It’s also strengthened our relationship.”

Many families struggle to meet the needs of a loved one living with dementia. At Heritage Care, staff support people living with low-dementia, as well as high-dementia care needs through dedicated Memory Support Units.

To find out more about the Heritage Epping Memory Support Unit and Laughter Care program – please visit the website: heritagecare.com.au