Heritage Epping recognised for school to work program

Heritage Epping lifestyle coordinator, Susan, receives Employer Recognition Award from Dennis, the School to Work programme manager. (Supplied)

For over six years, Heritage Epping has been a dedicated supporter of Australian youth, championing innovative programs like the School to Work initiative.

Their support was recently honoured with the Employer Recognition Award, which truly highlights their commitment and pivotal role in nurturing talent and bridging educational divides in aged care.

Partnering closely with IELLEN (Inner Eastern Local Learning and Employment Network), Heritage Epping has provided invaluable workplace learning opportunities for students from local schools such as St Monica’s College, Epping, Marymede Catholic College, South Morang, and Al Siraat College.

This collaboration aims to enrich educational experiences with practical, hands-on insights that textbooks cannot provide.

Dennis, the School to Work Programme manager, praised Heritage Epping for their dedication, noting, “The recognition is well-deserved. Your commitment to supporting young people is deeply valued and crucial”.

As part of the programme, students engage actively in the lives of residents through activities like bingo, card games, and crafts, fostering personal growth and preparing them for future careers.

Isabella, reflecting on her experience, expressed gratitude: “Thank you for the exposure and leadership I received during my time at Heritage Care. Your guidance was invaluable, and I cherish every moment spent alongside you all”.

Looking ahead, as the aged care industry expands due to an ageing population, Heritage Epping remains committed to preparing the next generation.

Their proactive approach includes mentorship and exposure to real-world scenarios, ensuring a pipeline of skilled caregivers and fostering a culture of compassion and excellence.

Through structured workplace learning and community engagement, students gain opportunities for learning, growth, and impactful contributions.

“It’s been heart-warming to witness the intergenerational joy shared between seniors and students,” says Susan, who oversees student placements.

Heritage Epping’s enduring support for youth and dedication to bridging educational gaps in aged care led to their proud recognition with the prestigious Employer Recognition Award.

Their collaboration with local schools and commitment to practical learning experiences ensure students are well-equipped for the evolving challenges of the healthcare sector.

This forward-thinking approach not only benefits individual students but also strengthens the resilience and sustainability of our aged care community.