Creating positive resident outcomes through Laughter Care


Creating positive resident outcomes through Laughter Care

At Heritage Care, our mission as a residential aged care provider is to be the best at everything we do for the

benefit of the community. Forging strong partnerships helps achieve this.

Our unique partnership with The Humour Foundation is a great example of the work we’re doing to provide

residents with rich wellbeing environments, lifting sprits and improving health through insightful connection,

creative play, and joyful humour.

Laughter Care – connecting with residents through humour, empathy, and stories

An evolving mix of residents will be involved in a world-first Laughter Care program, developed to address

the resident’s psychosocial needs, to engage, uplift, and improve their quality of life.

Laughter Care empowers residents by honouring and celebrating their capabilities through music, dance,

props, stories, improvisation and reminiscence, resulting in increased wellbeing, quality of life and enhanced

interactions with their families and staff.

Lauren, our dedicated and highly skilled Laughter Care Specialist, accepts people for who they are, here and

now. “I love creating positive resident outcomes,” Lauren says. “Stepping into our resident’s world relaxes

them and helps them interact on their own terms.”

World-class research delivering industry leading results

The Laughter Care program addresses several of the requirements of the ACQSC standards and is

evidenced by research (the SMILE study) 1 which showed that agitation levels of dementia residents

decreased to the same extent as using anti-psychotic drugs – but without the side effects.

Other positive results include reduced depression in residents, reduced behavioural disturbances,

improved quality of life and happiness, greater staff job satisfaction, and increased interest in the

residents as unique individuals.

State-of-the-art dementia care at Heritage Epping

Heritage Epping is a leading residential aged care home with a memory support unit catering for people

requiring high dementia care – including humour therapy through Laughter Care.

Residence Manager, Julio Castillo, believes the power of Laughter Care lies in its ability to connect

with dementia residents through humour, stories, and play.

“What’s important is that our residents have someone who listens and helps maintain their dignity.”

Visit our website for more information on Heritage Epping, 25 Willandra drive, Epping.