Callisto Place: A Thoughtfully Sustainable Retreat in Bundoora


Callisto Place: A Thoughtfully Sustainable Retreat in Bundoora

In the heart of Bundoora, Callisto Place stands as an example of thoughtful living, redefining retirement communities with a commitment to environmental sustainability. As we look towards a more eco-conscious future, Callisto Place emerges as a model for responsible and comfortable living, making it a prime choice for people seeking a retirement community that aligns with their values.

Bolton Clarke, the owner and operator of Callisto Place, has seamlessly woven sustainable design features into the fabric of this retirement community. The development is poised to achieve a Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme rating of 6.5 stars or higher. This commitment to energy efficiency not only reduces the community’s carbon footprint but also translates into cost savings for residents.

Double-glazed windows are installed in each apartment, providing insulation against the elements and ensuring a peaceful living space. The design emphasises natural ventilation, with strategically placed windows and doors for fresh air, reducing the need for mechanical cooling and promoting a healthier indoor environment.

Callisto Place goes beyond the surface, with a careful selection of interior materials designed to minimise pollutants and preserve air quality. Low formaldehyde composite wood products further contribute to the community’s dedication to fostering clean air within each apartment.

Sustainability extends to water management, with rainwater harvested for irrigation purposes. Every apartment features a high-efficiency electric instantaneous hot water unit, not only minimising greenhouse gas emissions but also eliminating reliance on natural gas.

The rooftop hosts a solar system, symbolising Callisto Place’s commitment to renewable energy sources. Additionally, common areas utilise smart controls to adjust air-conditioning levels based on occupancy, conserving energy when not in use.

As you explore the green spaces at Callisto Place, envision a premium lifestyle that is also environmentally friendly. Apartments, starting at $609,000, provide an opportunity to be part of a community actively contributing to a sustainable future. Book an inspection of the fast-tracked completed apartmentand experience the eco-friendly comfort of Callisto Placetoday. Embrace a new chapter in your life from May 2024 at Callisto Place.