Agnes gets respite flexibility at Heritage Care


Agnes gets respite flexibility at Heritage Care

Scottish-born emigrant and Heritage Care resident, Agnes de Prinse, has lived an extraordinary life. It’s been enriched by a 60-year marriage, two grown children, and long spells in Canada and Australia.

Five years ago, finding herself alone and in poor health, Agnes decided to honour her husband’s wish by seeking professional care. She found that respite care was the ideal solution in finding a home that best met her needs.

Respite Care at Heritage Care

After trialing a few homes, Agnes chose Heritage Gardens because it cares for residents as unique individuals with rich and interesting lives – whether in respite care or full-time care. What’s most important to Agnes is to feel listened to and respected.

Flexible respite care – the perfect interim care solution

Our care comes from a deep understanding that your loved one is precious. We believe that flexible respite care could be the perfect solution in addressing short-term care requirements or evaluating the home as a potential option for full-time care.

One of the things Agnes loves most about Heritage Gardens is the extra distance we go to enhance the wellbeing of our residents while respecting their dignity – at all levels of care.

Regardless of the length of stay, your loved one will continue to receive high-quality care and attention from our qualified nurses and carers and help them feel at home. Heritage Care has aged care homes located in Epping, Reservoir, Northcote, Sydenham and Bayswater North.

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